What Our Clients Are Saying

"I met Ross and found what he did for a living. I own a restaurant and get calls almost on a daily basis with companies trying to 'save me money' and 'inform me of new laws' etc.  And while being in business for 20 years, credit card processing is one area that remains vague for me.  So many charges - so many percentages - so many variables - honestly it is confusing.


I gave my statements to Ross to have him look - by email since I live in Texas and he is based in Colorado - no pressure sales at all - felt like I was dealing with a close friend.  He looked and gave me the dollar amount I could save per month.  While speaking with him, I told him some future plans I wanted with my equipment and POS system.  Instead of locking me down with whatever equipment I had or I could have bought from him, he went way beyond extra and actually began researching POS companies for me.  With no incentive to him whatsoever, he made phone appointments and even sat on the phone while I spoke to three different POS providers.  


I finally decided on a POS system and he worked side by side with them to ensure that the transition would be seamless, again, even though he had absolutely nothing to gain from the extra work he was providing.


The processing has been flawless and he has checked on me numerous times just to ensure that all was going as we needed and he had promised.


I still get calls daily, but I don't see myself switching to any one else other than Ross.  Thank you and you are highly recommended and I am 110% satisfied."

Rami Cerone - Owner of Caffe Capri

“Ross has made all our systems work together better. He has allowed us to have our website, over the phone & portable processing under one system.  He has also saved us over $6000 in our first 5 months using his processing.”

Bev Coody - E.A.R Inc.


“My company has used credit card processing companies for many years now. It would be an understatement to say that we have had trouble with all of them. We came into contact with Ross Bowdey and decided to give his company a try. Immediatley our eyes were opened to the fact that the previous companies had been over charging in their percentages deducted on the monies processed. Ross brought with him a highly reduced rate, excellent customer service & a quick response whenever issues arise. In the past I would run into an issue with our processor and have to wait weeks for help. Now I call Ross and within a few hours, or less, I am back up to speed. In addition to the fantastic service we receive, the processing app for iPhone/iPads is very intuitive.

All in all if there was a scale of 1-10 for Ross, I would give him an 11. We highly recommend his company."

Paula Gerthe - C.H.E. Sportswear

Non-Profits We Love

When Ross Bowdey started Advocate Business Solutions in 2009 he knew he wanted to be involved in the community where he worked and lived. Since then he has served on multiple non-profit boards and made supporting local non-profits and essential part of his business.
We have chosen a few local organizations that we want to give back to that are doing great things locally and internationally.  As a client you can choose any of the below organizations and we will give 10% of the profit on your account right back to them every month.
Most of all we want you to know what it is they are doing to make the world a better place, check them out:


Real Savings

Dentist Savings Proposal

Dermatologist 6 month Review